Budget-Friendly Travel Locations On The Planet

Well, travelling does not actually have to mean that you have to drain your wallet. You can travel all around the world and still make sure that there is not such a huge dent in your wallet. Luckily, you have come to the right place because I will be providing you with a list of places that you can go to, and these places will not exactly drain your wallet because they cost of living in these places is not that high at all. Travelling does have a reputation of being expensive, but it does not have to be.


You should make sure that whichever place you go from this list, the air tickets must be booked a few months in advance when you can avail some offers because of the fact that you will have so much time in between. When the cost of airfare reduces, your overall budget is sometimes even cut in half, and you will actually have so much money left over for so many things other than shelling out all of your money for the air ticket.

Here are the places that will treat your pocket well.

  • Montreal in Canada is a great place to visit if you want to go on a quick trip and head up north. You can even rent a car and drive up, if you are in the United States. The airfare will actually be cheap from the USA to Canada.
  • Xian in China is really famous for being more affordable than Beijing, and you should know that it is also very easy to get around on foot. It does indeed prove to be a pleasant city to be in.
  • Houston, Texas is next on this list because it is comparatively affordable when compared to all the other cities in the United States Of America. It is also home to NASA, so you can visit there.

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  • Barcelona in Spain is next on this list because you will be able to get by easily. It has also been known to offer some amazing museums which boast some great architecture. You can also hit the beaches to relax if you are tired of sight-seeing. The tours are also not that expensive.
  • Port Salut in Haiti is next, and you should go here if you are on the lookout for some pristine white sandy beaches with cyan blue seas. You will undoubtedly have a very chilled out time here because you could just lie on the beach and day and explore the night-life in the night.
  • Zagreb, Croatia will also treat your wallet well. You should go here if you are a Game Of Thrones fan and visit some filming locations.


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