Memory of EGC 2010

The FFS has just published the first issue of Spelunca Mémoires n ° 36 entirely dedicated to canyonism: Memory of the States General of the will find the speeches, the reports of the various round tables, the results of the surveys, the report of the RIF

Technical manual canyon N ° 3

This book on the initiative of the two federations, the FFME and the FFS, completed by a DVD devoted to the progression in white water, is addressed to all, from the future curious practitioner of the activity to the experienced canyonist.
This new manual is designed to unite all the actors of the activity around the same passion but especially the same requirement: to make the practice of this discipline even safer.
Each one, according to his technical level, his experience and his expectations will find in this manual a synthesis of equipment techniques, vertical and aquatic progressions, assistance and supervision.

The latest technical manual, 2007 edition

The technique with a simple disengageable with the eight abutment, taught for more than 10 years in our courses has, to date, never posed a problem in our practice, however recent laboratory tests have highlighted limits of use: in the case of a suspended relay (the lower link is not in contact with the rock) and for loads over 100 Kg, the presented key may turn in the big hole of the eight and may affect the walkout. As a result we decide not to use it anymore and we propose the update of this file with several other systems in replacement.

First Aid Booklet


“Initially developed for the practice of the canyon, this booklet should accompany in the field those living in an isolated environment, far from any organized help and especially the executives or accompanists in charge of a group. If knowledge of the environment and training in progression techniques are fundamental …

Canyon technical manual N ° 2

This book written by the instructors and instructors of the French School of Canyoning (EFC), summarizes the know-how and practices, from the beginner to the highest level, taught in training courses.

It has 70 technical sheets classified in 5 chapters (corresponding to the various stages of the formation of a canyonist at the SCF). 42 datasheets concern all practitioners, casual or enlightened amateurs. The remaining 28 sheets are devoted to coaching techniques, self help and special situations.

This technical manual will contribute to a safer practice, but it will also increase the pleasure of amateurs, beginners or enlightened, through a greater wealth of use of the material and the infinitely varied situations offered by the activity. Instructors and instructors of the SCF

3rd Book of the EFC

For its 3rd issue of the SCF notebooks, we discuss the practice of running water down the canyon . Water is one of the essential components of our business and the most random of all …

Download the 3rd Cahier de l’EFC Whitewater – Theory and practice in downhill canyon

Topo Py-Atlantiques

The canyon guidebook of Pyrénées-Atlantiques has just been published!

A book of more than 140 pages with 34 races described including 12 in the Basque Country, 7 in the Aspe Valley and 11 in the Ossau Valley, and 4 in the

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