Self-help MIEUSSY 2014

The objective of this training is to acquire the knowledge and the practice of the techniques allowing, during a hard blow, to act with discernment and effectiveness in order to minimize the consequences that can undergo the victims. The environment of chasms or canyons does not lend itself to a

immediate arrival of organized relief. In some countries, this relief is even more uncertain, sometimes non-existent …

I form myself


  • I want to train for the practice of canyoning safely. Several means are available within the French School descent Canyon.           Personal training (discovery, level 1, 2 and 3, high level and winter)

              Training to supervise in a club or association (initiator, monitor)

              Training to supervise training courses (initiator, instructor and instructor)

    You will find on this site, the means to train you according to your level.

  • I wish to become a professional of the activity. Training organized by CREPS Sud-Est – Site of Vallon Pont d’Arc The state diploma of youth, popular education and sport, specialty “sporting development” mention “Canyonism”
  • You will find on the site of CREPS , the information necessary to follow the professional course.
  • RIC 2015


    Mais c’est où ?? A Ouray évidement, mais c’est où ?? Bon, le prochain Rassemblement International de descente de Canyon (RIC) aura lieu au Etats-Unis dans le Colorado.

    C’est dans la ville de Ouray que les canyonistes du monde entier viendront du 9 au 16 août 2015. Pour plus de renseignements et inscription, visitez le site des surprises vous attendent. Bonne visite et rendez vous à Ouray.

    Marc Boureau

    Président de l’IAAC


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