Best Picturesque Locations On The Planet

From massive green landmasses, staggering mountains to huge glaciers, our amazing planet is certainly the most beautiful one in our solar system, undeniably. We surely live in a big and beautiful world which has always been there for us. It has given us so many things that we require to maintain a good life. It gives us air, water, land and expects nothing in return. We should certainly be glad to be living online casino games malaysia on such a planet that is so forgiving. We need to start taking of the planet, the only one that we have before it is too late. Well, speaking of ‘before it is too late’, you should visit these places as soon as you can before they are eradicated from the face of the earth,

face of the earth

Here is a list of some of those amazing places that you should trot on immediately.

  • Go to see Angel Falls, Venezuela because this place literally overflows with natural beauty and it also has the world’s highest waterfall. It is so high that by the time the water reaches the bottom when there is a lot of wind, it is just in droplets. The fall is actually 19 times longer than the Niagara Falls which also deserves a place on this list. This place was the one that inspired the Paradise Falls in the famous Pixar movie, Up.
  • Antarctica is next up on the list. Well, I know it is a little far and also quite difficult to get to. But there are certainly a lot of missions to the island, and so many of them leave a couple of times in a year. Why you should go there is because, it is not like that place is going to be around forever. Because of global warming, the entire place is literally melting away. After a few decades, all that’s going to be left is the land mass which will actually provide more land for people to move in, not that that is a good thing.


  • This place is indeed stunning, and you will have a great time if you come fully prepared. You will be able to spot all kinds of animals like Humpback whales, Emperor penguins and whatnot, which are the creatures that rule this place.
  • Banff National Park in Canada is easily one of the most spectacular locations on the planet. The sight will, indeed take your breath away and overwhelm you. It does indeed have a lot of beautiful lakes.
  • Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is next up on this list. It is home to 67 national parks and also 5000 miles of coastline. You can imagine how gorgeous it is.



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