Vital advantages of gambling games

One can enjoy the technical advantages of online gambling that allows starting the gameplay anywhere. You simply do not me to fly or Drive anywhere to read the advantages of online gambling. Online Casino provides several advantages as compared to traditional casinos. Moreover, the casino is more and typing for the entire Gambler. You get […]

The Beginner’s Guide To Betting Industry

The Beginner’s Guide To Betting Industry And Types Of Gambling In Casino The betting industry has been in business for a long time providing users with its versatile gaming facilities and making up games and attracting users from all over the world to put in bets and win or lose. Since sacino club gambling doesn’t […]

Best Picturesque Locations On The Planet

From massive green landmasses, staggering mountains to huge glaciers, our amazing planet is certainly the most beautiful one in our solar system, undeniably. We surely live in a big and beautiful world which has always been there for us. It has given us so many things that we require to maintain a good life. It […]

Sports Bets

Sports Betting Tips

Why is it that movies and TV shows sometimes portray these wealthy posh men getting adrenaline hits while placing bets on a particular sport like cq9 slots, horse racing or bull fighting or even over football matches? What is it really that is so captivating to men and women alike to bet on sports? The […]


The Many Different Types Of Bets

There are so many different types of betting that you get to choose when you place a wager. From singles to even multiples, we indeed have so many to choose from, mostly among the most popular kinds of bets. In this guide, you will be learning all about the many different kinds of bets that […]

Horse Racing

How to bet on Horse Racing

Horse Racing has been a local sport which goes back to the 17th Century but was only organized professionally after the Civil War in 1868. It became popular soon as the love for horses was only blooming at the time, and everyone only dreamed of owning the fastest horse. Today horse racing has become an […]

International Canyonism

 A bit of history about canyoning abroad. The international dimension of canyoning begins with modern speleology, and the first publications retracing visits to canyons and gorges outside our borders date from 1910/1911 (Spelunca blue series). Then the French expeditions organized by Pierre Minvielle in Sierra de Guara will mark a turning point at the same […]

Memory of EGC 2010

The FFS has just published the first issue of Spelunca Mémoires n ° 36 entirely dedicated to canyonism: Memory of the States General of the will find the speeches, the reports of the various round tables, the results of the surveys, the report of the RIF Technical manual canyon N ° 3 This book […]

Safety and Personal Protection Equipment

PPE or Safety Equipment and Personal Protection are items intended to be used in groups (ropes, moorings) or individually (helmet, lanyards, carabiners, shoulder harness) in order to protect themselves from a potential risk, likely to generate wounds, see death … The standard regulates the use of PPE and recommends the establishment of a management of […]

Self-help MIEUSSY 2014

Detail The objective of this training is to acquire the knowledge and the practice of the techniques allowing, during a hard blow, to act with discernment and effectiveness in order to minimize the consequences that can undergo the victims. The environment of chasms or canyons does not lend itself to a immediate arrival of organized […]