How to bet on Horse Racing

Horse Racing has been a local sport which goes back to the 17th Century but was only organized professionally after the Civil War in 1868. It became popular soon as the love for horses was only blooming at the time, and everyone only dreamed of owning the fastest horse. Today horse racing has become an event for the art of horse riding and offers a wonderful experience for anyone who comes to watch the race.

Apart from the amusement, horse racing also offers to bet on the horses so that you can proudly support your horses and at least win back the money you paid for the tickets. It is not like the betting in casinos where you are gambling คาสิโนสดออนไลน์ over your luck. It gives you an open air experience and a professional horse rider with a strong horse to bet on. Whether you win or lose the money, you are guaranteed a good time filled with excitement. You can bet in different ways in horse racing. There are two categories to choose from, which are the straight wagers and exotic wagers.

Straight wagers are simple and cheap betting. You can simply place your bets on a horse you expect to come first, second, or third. You can place the minimum bets on a horse and expect to win some amount after the race is complete.


Exotic wagers are for those who take horse betting seriously and have a pretty calculated amount of money for each race. Exotic wagers allow you to place multiple bets on multiple horses in a single wager. But it does not mean that you get more options to win if you have placed multiple bets. It becomes a lot more difficult to win in exotic wagers as compared to straight wagers, which is why you need advanced knowledge and skills to pick the right horse for each race. If you are winning in exotic wagers, big amounts are assured.

If you are personally present in the racetrack, it is suggested that you place your bets with human tellers instead of using any computer medium. It will make sure your bets are placed properly and managed by a person. The betting starting only a few minutes before the race and things move really fast, so you must have your money in your hands. Once you meet the teller, you need to be quick in conveying your message. Here is the right way to do it. First, tell your racetrack and race number, then say the amount of your bet and the type of bet you are placing and at last, the horse number. The teller will do a quick check and give you a ticket in return which you need to keep safe until the race ends so you can exchange it for your winnings. Keep your ticket safe because that will be the only proof that you have placed money on the race. The human teller is not going to remember your face when he is busy managing money.

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